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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Spring cleaning

Spring cleaning has swept us, all, my t-shirts that I worked so hard are in bags, and the wife wants them gone, geez, what will I wear, not those shirts she put in the closet, that is for sure, maybe I will order some really disgusting geek clothing, lol. Tomorrow I loose my office to a visitor. I guess I will have to turn on the wifi again. I found some strange happenings, so switched it off. Was talking to LJ about a neighborhood Meraki network, or even if he wants to be part of Charles' LA wifi. After all using the neighbors WiFi routers is something he already does, I suggested that Skype is one of the killer apps, and he turned me on to unlimited long distance to 34 countries for 9.95/month* Unlimited is limited to 10kmin/month, seems reasonable, they are protecting themselves from calling card creators.

I have to read up on DNS, research how to create a network that allows redundancy and maybe wire 2 routers and 2 cards on each server, not that I know that our servers even have 2 ethernet cards. Something I have to think about, I also found an interesting site that talked about a heartbeat between 2 servers.

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