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Monday, April 28, 2008

Bruma, MTA WiFi

We went house hunting a week ago in Holly Gen, really nice area good schools, close to work, the owner is motivated, but we are not, waiting it out, ready to make an offer way below asking, but the real estate agent thinks it would be an insult. So I can only share where I could live if we were made of money and didn't care that the market is falling.

I watched a very interesting movie on MojoHD called Burma, about a woman who lost her family, was in Burma during the student demonstrations and became an out law there, fleeing to Thailand just barely making it. Going to the website I watched the Circuit, cool program, weekly, but when is it actually on TV? Maybe it is still sometime in the future and they are only creating the neat commercials and not a program, anyhow this guy has my dream job, or maybe Rabbs, I bet he would be even more annoying then D:Pak.

Grr... this stupid video object is 440 pixels wide, wider then template, 410px, I am using for the blog, couldn't resize it either, any suggestions? No, I don't want to widen the template for this one video. I guess that wide screen is the problem, 4:3 would have worked just fine at that height, anyhow I see how doing web pages can be very time consuming.

The MTA was trying to get WiFi on the San Fernando orange line but didn't find a provider. This could be an opportunity, although the providers said that the demographic wasn't interesting to them. Hmm... I bet you if we could get used laptops to those people, they would definitely be interested in surfing while commuting. You might even be able to get some people to leave their cars at home for the opportunity to surf while commuting. I know that I might drive more if I could get access, the trick I guess is that it is probably a bit expensive to try this out. The only coverage that I can image will get the test going would be to test this with $60/month Spring internet, then retransmit that for free on WiFi on the bus, can't be that expensive, now that will be slow and could mostly be a test, to see if demand builds, then you would have to figure on a better way to deliver that is both cheaper and faster.

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