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Sunday, March 30, 2008

'57 crime in El Segundo solved

This morning I turn on the Teli and hear "phone call to the El Segundo police department," hmm, got to watch that. It was from a woman in Sept 2002 had some tantalizing information about a murder. In 1957, two young police officers are gunned down on a routine traffic stop. So very interesting episode of 48 hours: Hard Evidence you have to admire how much information is on the internet as well, 79 episodes of 48Hours in that link. Can't however page among them next page gives me the same thing, and the 12345 numbers are no better, oh well, who cares, already saw it on cable.

I also saw a Top Gear where they race through West to East on a bicycle, boat, bus and car, well that was the order the arrived at the airport, funny part later where they try to justify that on a car program, but it seems to be the same when I had to go to work in DC, the bicycle won, however I didn't try a boat there, didn't have that kind of money.

qrcodeNext a green bury marries a Tai, murder.. ahhh at least I am doing other more interesting stuff at the same time. Blogging what I am watching, I got a cool like today from Jack: a QR-Code Generator, it works. Been playing with crash, a very complicated, but also interesting way to debug a server crash, most of all it is paid :)

Yesterday I was shown some pretty cool concept of blank spaces, wow 40 free hours at the bar. I got to visit this place, seems like an incubator, could be good for SocialMixr. Back to taxes, what a vain in our existence.

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