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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Eliica: Japan's Electric Super Car

I was driving on Sunday on 190th in Torrance, after noticing that everything was closed on Easter Sunday, except the Chinese market we were going too, and saw Enova for the first time, right there in the area where Toyota, Honda and all the car companies are. Makes sense, this company that I was very briefly invested in makes electric drives for trucks and buses. Now I am watching on HDNet the Eliica a electric car from Japan made by Professor Hiroshi Shimizu that can go 300 Km on one charge with a top speed of 400Km/hour. They show it beating a Porche, it reaches 160 earlier, funny thing is the HDNet program has somewhat bigger numbers then the WikiPedia articule I reference here. So the internal combustion engine beat the electric engine about 100 years ago, probably because of the cheap waste product avialable then, gasoline, but now at $4/gallon in the US soon and the advances in LiON batteries this should be the time that you can put the engine in the wheel, something that Fernand Porche already did for the worlds fair of 1900 and got an award for that car, but not something that was adopted widely. So they are talking about production for the Eliica and with Germany in the forfront of solar technology that could recharge this vehicle and power a house, it seems to me that the future might not coming here in California, as the Chinese are shipping 50 electric taxis in a year. They show a battery factory by Shaghai making electric cars, wow, I wonder where the US is in that future development?

For the second day Ron calls me about nLite a deplyment tool for bootable unattended Windows. Very interesting concept, trying to get him to give a short presentation at LiLAX. The market is crap again today and I have to go to work. Do I finally sell?

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Kevin said...

Is there no news from 2004 about the Eliica? Last i saw "a car manufacturer" in japan showed interest in Shimi's car. I have since read he showed at the 2005 auto show. I'm sure by now the lithium plant in China has been completed, yet I haven't heard how talks have gone or continued with Shimi and that battery plant. and Wiki doesn't seem to care to update the info from 2004 neither. *sigh*