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Sunday, March 9, 2008

A week

Seems like a week since I bogged, and about to go to the Huntington Library, a botanical park in San Marino CA. Yesterday LiLAX had a great presentation on Blender, what a cool 3D animation program.

Today I blew out the N95 with an update to 11.2 from 10.2 firmware. All my data was gone and it seemed to be factory reset. I had done a sync right before so should still have all my contacts on Outlook. I then played with connecting the phone to the 42" monitor and turned the camera on itself, kind of fun. The N95 is very capable, I will leave my data out for the moment and play with it. But no contacts, geez...

Been spending time at the data center this week. Like visiting someone in prison, without the people, lots of machines in cages. I might have a cool video to post someday, I wonder if we would get in trouble for posting video shot there?

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