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Thursday, March 27, 2008

tired, Ubuntu Desktop is usable

Three days of being in the office takes a toll. Working from home is more pleasant. I can go to my kitchen, walk around naked for all anyone cares, and since summer is coming it will get hot again. I am considering however to dismantle my home office. We simply don't have much space here and with a new family member coming, but then where would I sit when I type this after work. I could save on not paying for internet or cable, I am listening to Fast Money as I type here to find out why my portfolio fell so far today. I have had some wild fluctuations lately, but then I am not the only one. But then we are all hurting here in the US, our currency is falling, and I can only imagine that the next thing that follows is inflation, at the same time the economy isn't working, maybe some of it went underground. We all have to pay for war, it isn't cheap.

On another front the LiLAX president is stepping down, I was the one before him and I fear no one will pickup the torch, shame LUGs were a good place to go learn and network, but maybe Ubuntu is too easy now and they are no longer needed. Lately I simply boot, install and I don't have to find drivers, I hated finding drivers, that was such a draining activity, and I didn't even live in the time where real men wrote their own drivers, nope, actually the first time I installed Linux I gave up when the NE2000 I had didn't work and installed Win98 in the rest of the drive, didn't have time to figure it out, had to get work done. But now days Ubuntu is really usable to me on the desktop. I have all I need. It might not have the polish Leopard has, but it is good enough.

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Anonymous said...

It's not the ware that is hurting us. It's the sub prime lending/world wide credit chill.

2008 is a good year for software company creation and development. Not for acquisitions though.

Ubuntu is quite usable these days. LUGS aren't needed for their original purpose (install help) but they are quite useful for learning about applications and cool projects.