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Friday, March 21, 2008


I see myself in the mirror sometimes when I talk to my Dad, maybe he has put in me some of those really annoying traits that I may have. Today I was trying to convince him of doing his journal on Blogger, but I had such a current of negativity that I gave up and just hung up, something I am sure will make him mad :(

So he has been mailing these very big volumes to me on paper, I don't really read paper very often, but then he says that you can put it in a PDF and can't email it because it is bigger then an attachment, this is kind of a problem, so why not just openly publish all of this on Blogger and get some ad revenue, I think he could make money on his memoirs, but no he insists on mailing them to us and we don't have time to read all this past, besides some of it brings back bad memories like the conversation I had with him, eventually I hung up the phone, what a bigger statement could I make then this to the point of shut up and listen.

Anyhow, guess my time is better spent taking pictures on the beach, which is what I intend to do now.

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