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Saturday, June 28, 2008


So I got my first call on Ribbit, it took voice mail and also emailed me a speech to text, very cool, inaccurate, but cool:
Well hi thought i'd call your numbers even worked. And I guess personnel set.

Not exactly what the voice mail said, but I do kind of like the idea, even if the implementation is only 70% accurate on a native English speaker. I wonder if it will train on caller ID over time, nah, I won't get that many calls.

Maybe I should try out the chalk phone next. Regardless, this is pretty cool, another of a large stream of apps on that run VoIP on computers. I think I might even miss the old analog phone lines some day, but right now I want to cancel service, as for $17/month I only get 12 mile calling and no caller ID. The only thing it does for me is 911 calling, and I have never used that. No call waiting, all these free or really cheap internet serivices have many cool features that I don't get with the other phone, even cellphones are cheap enough now and you get that extra mobility. I think the analog line is going to disappear.

Today I went to the swap meet at TRW, now Norththrop Grumman. Lots of stuff for sale, cool, but I really need to sell there, rather then buy, need to get rid of stuff. I put my Grandstream up for sale on Amazon, maybe I will move on to a higher quality phone since this VoIP stuff is here to stay. Perhaps I should get an ATA to power the old analog, it could pay for itself in 2 months.

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