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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Is Google making us stupid?

Today I spent most of the day talking to vendors about internet access. I would really rather like a simple proposition like move into this building and get 100Mb/$600 as Cogent seems to offer, although with me they are talking about 100Mb/$1000, well enough delivered on Ethernet would be cheap and great for our team of 10 people, in fact I don’t really know what we would do with all that bandwidth if we had it, yet, some of it will be VoIP and heck, we could host our own YouTube, but I digress.

I carpooled to work today, which when the CTO said, go home have fun, I had to admit that I carpooled to work, yea, very inconvenient time consuming and unless I replace my gas car with an electric one, with solar panels, I don’t really see how this whole $5 gas thing is going to change our ways, we are addicted to cheap gas, and trust me even at twice the price it is still cheaper then the alternatives, that are basically very immature technologies at this point.

So on the ride home, in a Prius, I get out early to see the farmers market/green fair on Main St, cool, got a 60W CFB and they will still let me sell them my fridge  Socal Edison has some cool programs to reduce consumption, rather then increase capacity, right idea.

So I end up at the library and walk by the magazine rack, could help but grab anything with Google in the title, so the idea is that we don’t think the way we used too, can’t read lengthy articles, rather get quickly distracted. I have to say that I don’t often read Atlantic, but the July/August issue is really great, this article does speak to me and is well written. And although I have a laptop at the library, I can’t use the internet, because it is too much trouble, so here I am reading, and typing this blog post.

So the article goes to talk about all kinds of things, but true to the article, I just started skimming and finally went on the next one, I don’t have a long attention span either. Yes, my brain is different because of Google. So we can’t divide anymore, the next generation will need a computer with internet at all times. Actually so do I. Time to go home and plug in.

As I walk out the library I glance at the wireless sign again, and then on the way home all the flags in the lawn remind me that it is almost July 4th. I guess the real estate agents’ want to buy houses as they don’t put flags in my street where people clearly don’t own houses, since it is all rentals. Hmmm… that seems backwards. So I get home and the power fails, wow, that isn’t something that happens in the first world, but then our inflation and shortages might as well be 3rd world. We even have a credit crunch. What next? A revolution?

So now the power is back on, the TV on Fast Money, inflation special, and I am on WiFi again, so much for reading magazines.

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