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Sunday, July 6, 2008

slow computers

I actually have no idea what the fireworks in l Segundo were like, I spent the time trying to get 2 computers working in Redondo beach, 2 days of training and getting data backed up and working again. On one computer I went for Ubuntu 8.04, something that seems to be easier to do every day, rather then fix Windows 2000, on the other I replaced Norton AV with Avast which is a new one for me, but I shall try it out on my own computer as well, since I can get a free download, for personal use :) It is amazing how many companies are engaged in the problem of solving Windows vulnarabilites. Seems to me that changing to a more obscure OS is an easy solution, but then, you can't run as much software, tradeoffs. So a Skype call and a cool tech support video, time to work on the next blog I guess, so much to do.

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