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Friday, July 4, 2008

independance day

Anthony Bourdain is a genius of TV hosting with his Travel Channel program No Reservations. I have been watching him for a year, and he gets better with time. I really enjoyed Namibia, Indonesia and the boarder with Mexico, looking forward to Shanghai this afternoon, when I can get some more time with company to watch it. There is a trip to China in my future, could be this summer, if I can get the time off and the airlines are desperate for passengers, so far the prices I have seen are astronomical, and what would I expect for the Olympics and summer when oil is at record prices. Actually, maybe I will just look forward to spending the summer alone and for once sleep, not that this is a quiet neighborhood with the airplanes taking off every minutes, sometimes we have neighbors drunk, and other times there is the Harley setting off the car alarm, ahhhh.... I wish I had a countryside house for this weekend.

So Anthony in Indonesia is talking about going bamboo, which is a term for people who didn't go home. I may do that some day in China, meanwhile, here in California, did I do that here? I guess I wasn't born here, yet this is home now.

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