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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

LA Drupal

Last Tuesday of the month is LA Drupal in Venice California, which I have been going to every meeting, since it is such a dynamic group. Charles Charton, does an excellent job of exciting the group about Drupal being a product like RedHat, getting the crowd to contribute, but the meeting is free as will be Drupal Camp, but still it would be more then welcome if someone were to contribute to a panel they need, if they don’t have time to write it themselves, Drupal 6 has some panels that need to be finished and if you need it for your project, why not encourage the developer, remember how the beer prizes worked? Money is probably just as good. So September 13th Drupal Camp starts and next spring might be Drupal Con in LA. The speaker works at Fox and designed the site for, a rock band, pretty cool stuff, with aggregated Twitter messages, videos and blogs, so the home page aggregates all the data. All the tour dates are taxonomy terms, each of the videos, tweets and blogs are nodes. People can upload the content to all of the websites they already use like Flickr, YouTube, Twitter, and tag it with the concert, that way it will be on the right date. Great presentation, from Blake, but the networking break was great, I am trying to get Charles Charlton to talk with John O’connor our LiLAX president to figure out what to do on September 13, which is in contention right now as to what to do at LiLAX. After the intro of the REM web page, we got a whole overview of how to make our own website, cool stuff.

I also saw that Lion YouTube on NBC this morning, very touching, watch it, if you want to get all weepy.

So I discovered that the crap in this post came from using Word, when I wasn't connected to the internet, decided to type it into something with spelling checking, so Notepad wouldn't work.

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