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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

SEO Meetup

Last nights SEO meetup wasn't very well attended, but the loft it was in had a stunning view of Los Angeles, up on the 12 floor of the American Concentrate building, a pretty cool place, right on McArthor park by Korea town. Not the most gentle neighbor hood, but our car was still there with 4 wheels when we left around 9:30, it was also a pretty good talk of how to get your website up in the ratings. I learned that I have an average page rank in Google, 3, that SEOquake gives you all kinds of info on your page, heard about backlinks and thier importance in getting your website up in the ratings. I heard about some paid ways in getting your website up again, we went into an adwords account and looked at an example of hydrolics repair San Diego, and discussed that adwords are not purly paid. It was a pretty good night, plus 2 cats would run around and make provide entertainment in a visually stunning place, one very large room with windows looking East and South, amazing penthouse, probably has a waiting list. Anyhow thanks Alex for organizing.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I told you about seoquake a long time ago dude. :)

You really should learn to listen to me.

I already have a high page rank. Several 4 pages. Couple 5. One 6.

So yeah. SEO is old news for me.