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Monday, June 23, 2008

3 Meetings after work

Gosh I will have to get my family to read my blog, I am going to be busy this week after work too. First 2 days of the week, 3 meetings. Monday an investor meetup in Torrance, and Tuesday IEEE and LADrupal. I will be leaving point A if anyone wants to carpool around 5:35, GoogleMaps are really cool. Testing PingDom this month for monitoring.

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Today Al Hernandez of HelpUsell gives me 2 options for houses, I might be interested in. Sorry Al, but RedFin has an awsome interface, and no need to login, so here they are west of the 405 and east, $400k to 450k, wow, this is what houses are in this area, actually this is much cheaper area, we would rather live further west, like where we are now, but wow, even more pricey.

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