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Sunday, June 22, 2008

hot summer day

So Friday, the start of summer, really made itself noticed, right on time, it really is the start of summer like it says on my Chinese calendar. So I am sitting here surfing in my u.... like the internet was meant to be used. The temp. shows 88 with 54% humidity, but probably this high because of the humidifier, other then that feel bone dry, my fish probably died from heat exhaustion. Maybe I will wait for fall before putting another in the tank, besides the novelty of it had worn out already. The water is probably very good for the plant next to it.

I am still working on stuff, geez... John O'connor, when will you step in to update stuff?

Another long talk with Charles today. Seems I don't like to type as much as talk sometimes I can type an talk or read, time, so little.

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