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Friday, June 20, 2008

SCRUM, backups, rebuilds

My internet access sucks, got dropped from SCRUM many times today, and disconnected from my servers. Maybe it is finally time I call ATT and get a cheaper better service with less bandwidth and perhaps get my work to pay for it. This morning I had to restore some data from an empty directory, our backups didn't have it, the rsyncs didn't have it, but there was an old copy laying around somewhere. Backups are useless, unless you attach some intelligence to them. We are probably backing upTBs of crap, and missing the gems.

OK, so have a Fedora 8 box and I want to route IP through it to a subnet. It works, now why doesn't it work on the real one? The one with all the complicated stuff on it? I don't know.

Spent some time this week trying to get a building connected to the internet, but meanwhile Charles says he is going to become a CLEC.

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