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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Weekend posting

As much as I am trying to keep up with this blog, work has been wearing me down. Trying to find the best supplier for bandwidth for a new office, so far Cogent is in the lead. Color Broadband Wireless, does have some nice offerings and boy do they try hard. Had a great open house at Alchemy darn, no pictures. So I currently have 11 phone numbers you could reach me at home/work, yes I just counted them, 11, so here is yet another phone number I got from Ribbit: 209-340-0777, which is currently on an iPhone like looking Air app on my laptop, kind of cool looking, but not really functional yet. So call if you like, whoever is first tests it for me. It is early Saturday, don't expect it to stay up too long. Anyhow I wrote an articule called 5 ways to get a free phone number in August, I guess I can top that now, but seriously, I am up to 12 phone numbers, 3 are paid for, but only 1 by me, even though I didn't sign up for it. I don't really pay for any phone numbers, need to get rid of a few for sanity, but as some of you know I have even more email addresses, it is confusing and cool that the internet age has cheapened things to the point where every homeless person in amarica should have a cellphone under the highway underpass, because it is just that cheap. This in a time where inflation is going crazy, commedities are way up and the dollar is worthless. Which brings me to a stock I want to buy sometime this summer, HOG, yes Harley-Davidson, Inc. should outperform with expensive gas, but still looking for another name that will work with expensive gas, seems like it is here to stay. Solar, wind...

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