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Thursday, June 12, 2008

New space

This morning I was again pushed out of the house by lack of space and noise restrictions, so I decided to walk, on the way asked my new neighbor Gary at 439, what he paid for his house, and wow, still over a million but far less then asking, to work via our new offices. I went to 999 first and in the 909 building the receptionist sent me back to 999 580, funny thing is I open the door for Sara who turns out to be from the leasing office. I took some pictures and got the name Tony as the contact to find out about bandwidth. Be advised that this is only a shaky cellphone video and the pictures are of the big area when you walk in and of course the kitchen/server room. I will definitly miss all the space we have now.

So I also took a video of the office,

And the outside area, down to the street.

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