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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hotel California

So getting up drowsy as usual, trying to monitor websites and figure out how to fix a feed, some app that does aggregation of content isn't feeding something, far too technical for me. I look at the markets, they are calm before a Fed day, general expectation is no change. I get this old song from the Eagles in my head, wonder if they are talking about prison, anyhow, YouTube is great, they have a video for Hotel California. Who knows if it should be there, but will you enjoy it or be shocked at the violation? When does the copyright end; the Mouse says never. Anyhow what a great song, blast from the past.

Last night the IEEE talk was a commercial, at least there was pizza, whatever the guy was talking about was rather boring and I wasn't that interested in the cert, to cover all certs. I just don't believe in the time wasted in certs. Now listening to the Bob Marley version of Hotel California. Family taking off to China this summer, stuck here working, earning dollars that don't buy much around the world anymore, heck they don't even buy much in California, have you seen the price of gas, $4.7 a gallon at some places, and I get the cheap gas and only get it quarterly, thank God, but if I wanted to drive to Yosemite, or something this summer it would cost us. Anyhow reducing the price, isn't the solution, you have to reduce consumption, motorcycles are probably a great investement and a good stock to invest in. Monday's IBD meetup was pretty good. I do have some ideas of what to rotate the portfolio into. Wow, she is hot, she can stay in my hotel anytime, from Barcelona I am guessing, her website has a .cat ext. wow, 3 letter country? Well, maybe it isn't her site, but she is the top hit. Seems like a great site to learn how to play the guitar. OK, wikipedia is great, .CAT is a Catalan domain, a language between France and Spain, so it sounds a bit like both, I can understand most of it. Great site though. I bet they al smoke like packs a day, that is what I remember when I was in Barcelona.

Hmm, lost my cursor, it turned into a dot, wonder if it is a bug on theblog. No wait, the dot was a period I was carrying in front of the now invisible cursor. After the IEEE meeting we moved on to Drupal, walked into a very good group, Chris does a really great job of organizing and leading the group, need to take John there for training. Cristal Williams is organizing the LA Drupalcamp, she has done a few BarCamps and has a chance of getting AOL, great venue, keep tuned, or get involved, she needs help with sponsorship, venue, and helpers. I learned lots of stuff that can be applied to work, great meeting.

So on my street there is a car with a very sensitive alarm, and when a HOG or my neighbors Mustang drives by the honking alarm goes off, very annoying, makes you want to shoot the battery. However HOG should be a better stock with expensive gas.

Pingdom is pretty cool, but probably using Nagios or Zenoss in the end, after the 30 day demo.

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Anonymous said...

There's a really good documentary on the L.A. music scene of the late 60's and early 70's called "Hotel California - LA from the Byrds to the Eagles". After watching it, one would get a sense of what the lyrics meant. It's actually available as a torrent uploaded 2 days ago: