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Saturday, May 17, 2008


The temperature is rising both outside and at work. We are rushing to get things done and I have been busy with a newborn as well at times, although it has been less time this week. I went to the data center and found wet suits drying on some cars. I just rediscovered my Amazon Store, I got to work on this more, I still want to sell Katmandu's Furniture on the internet someday. I was trying to edit that picture, blur out license plates, but I am on Windows, I have to say it sucks, Ubuntu would have a great program called Gimp to let me do this right away, plus this computer might have spy-ware and viruses on it as well. Maybe even a keyboard logger, who knows, I inherited it and didn't do the right thing, which would have been a factory reinstall before using it, time and all that, didn't have the CDs yet, but now I found them. Windows XP has a great tool in Start, All Programs, Accessories, system tools, Files and Settings Transfer Wizard that would allow me to move all files to a new computer, and then I could delete this one. Must try this one day with my old HD. I wish I could do it from a USB device. It works over a Direct cable, serial or LAN, even removable media, like a floppy, what a bad example, CDR might work, but really who has 1.44 MB of data anymore? But that means a USB drive should work, great! I still am a bit bugged by the poor tools in Windows, how do you crop in Paint? Funny, Linux used to be hard.

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