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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Cracked iPhone

This has really been a full day, first worked on an East Coast Asterisk project, then 8 hours at my daytime gig, came home went for a walk and finally cracked an iPhone with ZiPhone a great program, that really does work on the left my cracked iPhone for the first time, I did it with the 1.1.1 firmware first, but it wouldn't come up in T-Mobile, but I decided to undo it and simply flash it with 1.1.4, then I applied the activation and jailbreak again with ZiPhone 3.0 and this time when I came up with the T-Mobile chip it worked! I could do calls in the iPhone with T-Mobile no problem. OK, now I had a little waiting time and after that I took the phone to the airport around midnight, had to approach terminal 2 3 times to find the guy who wanted to take the phone to China to give to his wife. So that worked and I decided what a full day, went to bed but just as I was about to sleep something big happened, but that is the topic of another blog.
In the movie you can see the process from middle to finish. I don't show the downloading of the software from ZiPhone's blog, which I talked about in my April 30 post. Watch enjoy and if you feel gutsy activate your phone with any carrier you like or don't hack it and use ATT, either way it is a great phone. Remember kids if you can brick your phone by doing this, you could have all kinds of problems and hassles. Only because this worked for me doesn't guarantee that it will for you, or that future firmware upgrades won't break your phone, in fact future firmware updates probably will, research a bit further then my blog post before you attempt this.

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