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Monday, May 19, 2008

fire hazard

About 2 Friday's ago I got a call that a laptop was broken, I was off that week, but had someone extract the data and a new HD went into it. It burned that one out in smoke, so the Dell guy came to service it and determined that this laptop shall never be powered up again, it is dangerous and they will send us a new D420, funny, the picture is of it being worked on before it was deemed unrepairable and a fire hazard.

Spent the weekend trying to get a Polycom 320 to work with a NAT, much harder then the Grandstream which supports STUN. But Polycom has better sound quality, so there, more expensive, I don't want to review phones here, just my little experience and still looking for a good place to teach me how to port forward SIP, not on that great website I always use, too bad, Skype is on, and I have done that, increases your transfer rate and probably promotes you to ta super node.

Our server died, as it is on the UML-coop and all those are gone, Chris is trying to fix it tonight. Bought a 1TB external USB at Fry's for $199, cool, nice big storage, now how many MP3s can I keep? 250,000, wow, anyhow expensing it to work, don't have the time right now, although I bet I could sell this thing on Amazon, the 3/4 TB went for $350 there, don't get it. Strange. No ready made listing on Amazon, oh well, bad time to sell things anyhow.

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