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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

rude awakening, linux laptops

So I am up and waiting for a phone call from the east coast to install an Asterisk server. It dawns on my I don't have their phone number, so I can only wait.

So by now I even got a call from (3:34:57 AM) mr_dallas: hello ralf
(3:36:03 AM) mr_dallas: sudo dd if=/dev/hda1 | ssh username@ "cat > /home/user/name/hda1_drive_image.img"
(3:36:35 AM) mr_dallas: sudo dd if=/dev/hda1 | ssh username@ "dd of=/dev/hda1"
For this cool piping stuff that I wanted to do on my mysqldump commands, I guess now I can simply: mysqldump database|ssh user@othermachine "mysql database" and have the file fill right into the other database, since these can be very large, this would save time. Maybe even compress the output first:
mysqldump database|zip|ssh user@othermachine "unzip -p|mysql database" actually that wouldn't work as ZIP writes the directory at the end, very bad idea, but maybe mysqldump database|compress|ssh user@othermachine "uncompress|mysql database"

with some help on commands, the guy doesn't sleep at night either, at least not tonight.

I saw an add for and with well Linux laptops, also has servers with Linux pre-loaded as well as Lonovo and Dell,, I bet HP has them as well and the EEEPC is Linux, as is the OLPC. Google brings me to where I find what looks like a test site by distro, . I it seems like we now need a way to figure out which of all these preloaded linux laptops to use, but if you want to pay for Vista, you will find it sometimes isn't something you will even notice, since at times the vista laptops can be cheaper then Linux, they certainly are on special more often, MS makes sure that you don't get a better deal buying a Laptop without Vista on it. There are many Linux distros and it isn't really cheaper for Dell to support a Linux laptop then a Windows one as they have to hire a new guy who does this, for not many calls. However if volume increases it promises to be cheaper someday. Walmart has this Linspire thing, but it is underpowered for the price. You should probably just pay the Vista tax and get a special, you will probably get something faster then if you insist on having Linux preloaded, then ask for to send you a CD and load it yourself, Dells usually work, and I am pretty sure that others do too. is a listing from Ubuntu on testing laptops. Dell on, mine are all on this page, and I don't think that the company thought about running Linux on those laptops when they bought them, although they do run all Linux servers, except for one. Dell has a linux blog at

And the Asterisk is up again, cool... what a night.

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