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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

LiLAX/IEEE joint meeting

I was working late last night getting one of our servers to work again, but since the LUG meeting was close enough, decided to check it out. Pretty good turnout, although, basically Dallas Legan only spoke to the IEEE crowd, since I was the only LiLAX guy there that I could recognize, not surprising the meeting announcement went out very late and the meeting was on a Tuesday night, rather then the normal Second Saturday that everyone knows is LiLAX's meeting day. The AIU gave us a great room to use, and IEEE provided lots of California Pizza Kitchen food, more then the crowd could eat, so people could take it home if the liked. I saw the tail end of the first presentation. and then the phone rings, baby cries, .... I shall finish this post later.

Time, blog, I have Fast Money on, and as I listen to it, I can blog a bit, time is so tight. So Jon Inouye has a very interesting sounding talk, but I got there late so didn't really get much of it. Dallas talked about bash a subject I always find useful as I use bash quite a bit, he cover lots of material in the 2 hours he carved out for himself, went over the end time, but the audience didn't protest, but rather asked questions.

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