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Tuesday, May 13, 2008


UUASC-OC had a talk about Embedded Linux Systems by Ruth Gu. By slide 4 the usual group feedback drowned the speaker in an argument as to what is an embedded system. This is actually pretty usual for this group and I would suggest that future speakers come prepared to answer questions, there will be questions. Embedded systems as far as I am concerned are getting more powerful and the line is fuzzy anyways. As usual the speaker ends up speaking to Charles since the rest of the 18 people crowd mostly is waiting for the beer, and 1.95 burgers, well just kidding, some others do ask questions. Anyhow the speaker was well prepared, but the barrage of questions and some Open Office Impress problems flustered her. She had just installed Fedora 8 on that laptop, further telling me that you don't do big changes right before you use something, tried and true wins. But we like the presentation so much we invited her for part 2 in August, so stay tuned as a really good talk is coming in August.

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