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Friday, May 23, 2008

This is taking too long.

This week I was ordering memory, I never knew that memory was that complicated or that it took so long to find the right kind from the right supplier. It was one of those situations when you have a really hurry hurry thing going because memory is the last thing you want to think about at that moment, but alas, we were running out of it and the server upgrade was the only way to solve it. So we are tossing out all the old memory of course, putting in new, next questions is there are market for perfectly good 1 Gig memory sticks, when you went out and bought 2 Gig sticks? I bet the used market is flooded with it now. I wish the mother board would fit 4 or 8 Gig sticks, because we bought something that won't be useful for very long, would have rather replaced the whole server, but alas, they are watching the budget. In fact when I rebooted the server I had to run to the data center. Then the whole drama of getting the thing paid for, ended up on my card, geez... time is tight, been busy, not blogging.

It is rumored that Apple has been quietly shipping G3 phones into the country and labeling them as computers. Neat... BTW NewEgg Rocks! They really beat out MemoryMan on Price, but MemMan is a great place too.

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