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Friday, May 2, 2008

My journal?

I guess I wish I knew who reads my blog to figure out what audience I have. I don't know what Google offers me to find that out, but I really should play with Analytics and all that. Back in the days of my own server I would analyze log files, sometimes do reverse lookups and try to figure out who was reading my resume, which was mainly what I was interested back then, now that I have more work then I can deal with, who cares who reads it.

Last night I want to Python Piggies and saw a presentation about Pylons and Google App Engine. Since I really need to learn Python and am looking for reasons to make me read what is a rather boring book, I go to these meetings. I think that seeing all the cool stuff that I can do with it is the best encouragment to learn Python. I think maybe the book I have is simply too easy, for an old programmer like me I think it is more a matter of simply getting a project and starting to code, or maybe some maintanance, I should get involved in an open source project, that will force me to learn, or just work. Money is a motivator too. I want a house. Also spoke to our host Steven Wagner of Gorilla Nation about having LiLAX meet there, he would like to find someone other then himself baby sit us, but didn't say no, even gave me his card after I asked, we might have a home for our Linux group, this is rather cool. I could however skip a May meeting, I imagine I will be very busy.

From the way back machine, if I knew the future department, these are the jobs I should have been applying for back when I got to LA back in '98. But back then who had heard of Google and who thought that a company that didn't have a business model, but rather was trying to solve a problem for the founders would make so much money with AdSense. I might have to find some crazy people with stupid ideas to fund as they could be the future. After all I give money to all kinds of companies anyhow, my portfolio could include a very early startup, unfortunately most fail, but then I would hope that I could help this one make it.

I am watching Lil'Bush, Osama bin Laden is diagnosed iwth a weak heart, what an interesting cartoon. Seems to be something written to kids and adults at the same time, very cool idea. It simply exposes all the stereo types we have in a very fast and compact way, like the Simpsons, but this is politics.

Sold 20 BIDU@240, grrr... look it up, very bad move. In fact don't sell, buy, the market has really turned. So if I am convinced of this, is that a top? The market can be so tricky. I have an interest in the Finance API, I think that is what I might program on AppSpot, maybe some game to pit investors against each other.

So for the past few days I have been annoying the hell out of people are meetings because I needed to turn off the blasted beep in my terminal, here is the explanation of what I did to rip out the PC speaker in Ubuntu 8.04, rmmod pcspkr. For some reason the mute button doesn't cover this, bad coding, it should, I don't want nothing to come out when I mute, not this either.

Today I must figure out what sends DNS requests on a server that don't resolve, another thing I have no idea how to do, but with Google, anyone can be an expert, lol.

I found a very intersting product called Majic Jack, lets you call all you want for 39.95/year and then 20/year the next year. My neighbor uses it and really likes it, my VoIP vendor says that he has heard that it doesn't work well, conflicting views, it probably works as well as the underlaying internet. But then at that price, I wonder if it really matters when it is that cheap. I think that we are all used to spotty service with wireless, and it will sell like crazy, especially since they are investing in ads.

Still trying hard to sell my iPhone, please someone buy it from me, new in box, or I can crack, jailbreak it or develop a cool app for it, you pay for the mac if I do that.


Megan said...

iphones are overrated.

Archcast said...

Hey Ralf.

It's Archie (from UUASC) and I read your blog. You have very interesting insights in technology and it helps me keep up with what's going on in the tech world.