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Sunday, March 1, 2009

StartUp Weeked LA2 winding down

People are getting closer to completing their tasks, and the groups seem like they are closer to completing the tasks. The Non Profit budded heads, strong characters fell apart, but they are in this morning so still at it, Block Snap has is close to releasing, Cakester worked late last night, Comic Catalog actually had so many developers they finished it in Drupal and now want to merge the Rails component into it, Feng Shui-er ?, Parking Sublet AKA ShareMySpot is ready to have people play with it, PriceLine for Drinks and Eats worked late last night testing and finalizing details, Craig Sniper+Analytics is using .NET, and we got tons of Windows Vista stickers, thanks Woody.

This morning someone went in search of God? There is a naked man on top of a cross and many fire trucks below on La Brea and 8th they put down a soft inflatable bed for a a nice soft landing for him. I am not sure what he has to look forward to after coming down, but meanwhile seems to be quite content up there in the sun, might get sunburned.

Anyhow they present at 3PM and come on down VCs. It turned out that it is not Alex empowring himself up there. Although he applauded the guy for having the courage to climb he cross and express himself.

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