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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

loose ends

I have to say I hadn't been to a doctor in a while and didn't get much out of it either, they want blood next, uck. Watched a cool podcast that Jerromy puts on with Andrew Hyde, the organizers of Startup Weekend. Still that neat flipant attitude of people who just seem to be trying things until they get something to work. The first Startup weekend they did in Los Angeles went very well, too bad we didn't sell the company as it could have been a complete sucess if we had. Unfortunatly we let it linger and eventually everyone left the project.

Aberto sends me this Money as Debt Video, which I had already seen, but it is rather interesting to get your head around the idea that money is now created as debt. It only works, because someone is going to work and pay it off plus interest. Eventually we have to create more debt to pay off that interest, because that is how you can get more money to pay it off, we are at 54 trillion in debt now, isn't that amazing.

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