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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Job hunting

I am still looking for a SysAdmin job close to El Segundo. Yesterday I spoke to the city and got a pretty warm reception, even without an appointment or even knowing if there was a job available, turns out they are staffing 2, neat. Part time and full time, they didn't sound half bad either, interesting things to do. Even found they are security conscious. I do feel good about our city government after being in there.

So I discovered that Gigya is on Main St., they are an interesting startup, doing widgets, seems interesting, advertising on the internet is big business.

Been talking to Alberto at Value-Pharmacy about possible ways to put up the site on the cheap, I am still a bit distrustfull of the business model, he however has found a way to get a guy to code it for free in RubyOnRails, nice, well, free as in equity, but that shows how much I believe.

That picture was awsome, but did he, will he, probably never.

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