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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Most popular searches

I was thinking how can I get the gap to fill on my 100 pay out with adsense and it dawned on me, what would I like to find on Google, it is an answer to my question. So maybe this is what Mahalo is about, but again, if I took the Google Hot Trends and answered those questions, I should be pretty high in the google SEO to drive traffic to my site. I will test this theory with a post on "natasha richardson ski accident" which is the most popular search right now as you can see by the graph it has already tappered off alot. Now what would cause something to spike like this? I would assume that many watch TV or listen to the radio while in front of a computer and decide to Google what they just heard. This would make traffic spike on those search terms for that moment. I kind of remember hearing about this very recently as well, probably on the news. So there are 2 collums, news articules and blog posts, will I make the second column and how high once I post? I will see. This is interesting stuff. I have been to a few SEO talks, but have to say that this is still interesting to play with. In a way it is actually logical, if you answer questions that people ask, you deserve to be found. Now why is Meg Oliver in the second place? I better keep an eye on Google Trends as I could have bought JAVA at a great price this morning, it went up 65% today, wow, IBM is rumered to buy Sun. This seems like a great way to make money, hmmm, forget the ad revenue on my blog, geez, this is far more lucrative. In fact I had some of those shares, made some already, but only recovering losses on the stock, what a dog it has been.

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