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Monday, March 16, 2009

No Internet

Today I am disconnected from the internet, a very unusual thing for
me, haven't been disconnected for a long time, perhaps I will ask TWC
what specials they are running, after all now that I don't have the
service I would qualify for specials, but I am more likely to try
specials from ATT as I have never used them before and have one bill
with them already, which I want to lower, don't use the phone much if
I have internet connectivity. Now that I am disconnected and can't
get any death treats, I will have to work on the other unavoidable
thing everyone does, taxes. Well better get too it and start working
on it, 7am where are my stocks? Won't know didn't even tune into the
channel 4 to see what the general market direction was today, they
tend to have a stock minute close to opening time, 6:30am. I guess I
will walk to Havana this morning to send this and get all the stuff
that is out there. I can see from TV that the DOW is up 43 today, but
what a vacuum of info. Might walk down the street today and install a
directional antenna somewhere to beam it in my direction, won't last
long without internet. Don't have a phone either as a result. C is
going up lots today, I am online again, sweet, AMR sucks today, but
hey that is at least one good one, and I took away that darn limit
order at 2 bucks, that would have taken 20 cents from my profits,
sweet, thanks Pedro.

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