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Saturday, March 14, 2009


John Stuart sure gave CNBC a bad wrap on his show, funny as it is, this is pretty much what people feel as well. I don't have cable TV anymore, mostly because I realize that CNBC was the list program I used to watch, but after this wipping, who cares what they say. It hasn't made me money, has it made you any? Can't wait to hear what the Mad Money Machine's podcast hast to say about this. Isn't the internet grand, I just looked at their Twitter: "Show 150 is up. I take on Stewart who took on Cramer Please subscribe using iTunes to get past episodes." But why do I say they, shurely one person couldn't do a better job at the financial markets then a whole corporation, but having been a GE investor, hmmm... I guess the market doesn't thing that GE did that great either they are in the toilet, price wise, although all is suddenly better, we rebounded a little, DOW is back at 7224 up from 6,872 but down from a 52 week high of 13,191, wow, Stuart is right, I should have been short, when I was told to be long, had I only done the opposite of what CNBC, Cramer and the rest told me. But now that it is out that they are a contrarian indicator, will that deminish its effectiveness? It all started when a friend pointed me to John Stuart, I started by reading about it in Yahoo.

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