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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Google Voice, DTV

I finally got GoogleVoice and it is cool. They even gave me a buck in my account, which probably means it is over with the free phone calls I used to have, but so many things are neater then they were, probably worth it. Interface is just like gMail and voice transcription to SMS for voice mail, wow, better then visual voicemail, lol. Ribbit did this as well, wonder if they put that under neat. So much cool stuff going on in tech so much to learn.

I got my $40 coupons again for the DTV converter box, I have 2 devices in the house that will no longer work after June when the analog TV is stopping transmission, not that I really care that much, but hey free coupons, might as well keep them running. Googling found some good discussions on what to look for and evaluate on other blogs. I don't have to think about those here, but I do have to say that this program is going to put many into a bad solution just because the government is spending money on these crappy converter boxes. Mostly we could eliminate the coupon program and simply let the flurry of new electronics purchases stimulate the economy. I bet if they weren't pusing $40 into this converter box, people might be more inclined to convert old TVs by moding them and simply tossing them out and buying new ones that would be far more energy efficient and smaller, nicer HDTVs. Kind of sucks, this is why the first time I had a coupon in my hands I didn't use it. When you mess with free markets results are usually bad. I also managed to sell 2 devices that would have needed conversion on Amazon, before all this happened, sweet. I am up to 71 on my ads, seems like I might collect after all, but boy this blogging is not a money maker.

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