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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Python Piggies

After going to the Internet Telephony Expo at the Convention Center, I found that if you turn North right form Pico and left before the 110, there is a great little street for parking, so I got to the floor in time to toss my bingo card in for the Prius, but alas Wayne from Hermosa Beach won it, I took his card as he is starting some kind of a VoIP business, who knows, I could need his help for a company sometime.  I thought I had a good talk with someone from CyLogitics. seems they could have a billing and PBX solution worth looking into, both hosted and sold.

So Python Piggies didn't allow cameras, too bad, that was a great meeting, nice food and great company. Pythoscope seem like something we can use. The second presentation was "How we use Python in Toontown", from Joe Shochet - lead game designer and programmer on Disney's Toontown Online. Very entertaining and well done, but probably more of a Python is great and we use it testimonial, where we some some impressive properties: Panda3d a tool they use looks cool, nice story of Disney open sourcing it and everyone looking at them in disbelief. Some games they made: ToonTown and Pirates of the Carribean. Would have been nice to get pictures of the meeting, but hey Disney gets to ask for none, I guess.

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