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Thursday, September 25, 2008

old blogs

I was looking at Twitter today saw something about a bun in the oven and followed the @ to Sara Lane, she has a blog. In it she talks about blogging since 2003, made me realize that I need to put some sort of headline in this blog to invite you people in. I have actually been blogging since 1994 when I started a GeoCities account TheTropics/1174 if I remember correctly, that later became Yahoo and they then summarily deleted as I wasn't updating it for a while, until I started this blog, I was out of it. I kind of think I may have a backup on ZIP100 or maybe one of those Gig. ZIP disks, perhaps on CD of that blog, who knows, I haven't been into my old media for a long time, but it sure would be interesting to go back to my old stuff someday, when I have time. Unfortunatly Archive, didn't do it, but since this is information that was openly sitting on the internet, who knows, it may be cashed somewhere. There could be backup tapes at Yahoo or simply lost.

Anyhow staying home longer today and then an airport pickup, I have been on my own for so long, this will be something new.

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