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Friday, September 26, 2008


Last night I was looking out the window for CA983 to land, and then the airport pickup. Had a radio, but only got to hear ground crew, too bad, would have been a good channel to listen too know when the gate is reached, I was at the airport way to early, resulting in parking :( But then I went early to drop Gareth off, so I guess it works out. So again it was a rather claudy morning, but I guess that is normal, perhaps soon it might even rain ;) This video upload has taken over an hour, don't know if there is a bug, because I also uploaded the other 2 pictures after starting the video upload.

This morning we went to the beach and I found Andrew from GoodNight Mattress flying his WWI like Red Baron single wing plane, but must have been based on a biplane, amazing how great today's batteries are, this thing has enough power to fly straight up and can go for 30 min. Seems the LiOn battery is really good, and the electric motor really cool too. I left my phone at home to finish uploading, but disappointed to see it didn't. So I used YouTube, and here it worked


sleepall02 said...
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sleepall02 said...

Had a lot of fun meeting you guys. Thanks for the props :-)

A- the plane guy EL Segundo Beach