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Sunday, September 21, 2008


Drove to SFVlug for the first time.  It is an interesting group meets across from the sex shop at a Dennys in the Valley, they rule this back room, have all kinds of gear plugged in, desktops and routers.  Some of them dumpster dive really neat stuff and others have an amazing nack to buy cheap equipment.  All will be geekier when they leave and questions can be answered, lightning presentations where about iPython and screen, internet access by Sprint and the raspberry ice tea is very nice.  Feel free to join if you like, someday a real company might spawn from this grass roots effort to learn from each other. Long drive back though, must carpool next time. 

Today yet another session of BizzBuzz, perhaps some day I will describe what this is, but meanwhile we are working on something.

BarCampLA6 is coming around :)  Ah, yet another telemarketing call, I want to record something on the answering machine along the lines of: "Hi                 I won't come to the phone right now because chances are you are trying to sell me something. BEEP"

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