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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I am starting a weekend project of building a GnuDialer box with Aserisk and the old CentOS server in the kitchen, Guess I have enough bandwdith, might even get my cable bill paid, by this. Wow, it is cool to run a seismograph on your Mac
Heard Charles is looking for a job, perhaps my GnuDialer call help him contact recruiters, or not, who wants to be tele-marketed. Anyhow if you need a SysAdmin, post a comment here, he is in the 818 area code, good with Linux and Cisco. Go to his blog for a brief description of tonight's talk at the IEEE, dinner is always free, meeting :) and if you are looking to hire, here is the rather old resume I found.

Decided to test bandwidth on the DSL at work, and surprise we have more then the 512K up that the modem reports, interesting.

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