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Saturday, September 13, 2008


So I finally made it to yet another camp, this one is totally focused on Drupal and isn't an unconference, as much as the past events I have been going have been, in fact other then the free location, the City of LA, 9th district donated the rooms at the Convention center, and other then the fact that it seems there will be no food, too bad, it does seem to be a good event to learn Drupal and it is rather well organized and the speaker track was avaiilable before starting out. Sitting next to another blogger from NorthWind, guess the power brings us together, need to keep the Mac battery charged, in track 3, where the room is smaller, but the speakers are better.  I did walk out of the Building a static, corporate site from the ground up - Steven Chan (Resonance Visuals) talk as other then installing Drupal, the filling out the forms seems to be obvious.  The best question at the beginning was about MAMP, to get your Mac running LAMP fast and effortless.  However to cool things in the room, I as able to project the LISA08 after the opening talk, sweet, and the get Steven to put as the example in his Drupal intro.  Sweet.  But installing Drupal is pretty easy, and I figure that a quick google would yeld a way to do it, or I can simply ask Stephen. So I went to the expo room, although they called it chill, guess they don't have that much to show, and it is nice to have a room to chill out, food would be nice, didn't eat breakfest today, thinking I could get out earlier, but hey whatever, neighbor had me wait 30 min, but I got to use the carpool lane so it is all good, even washed a car while waiting, and if you saw it, it hardly looks clean, baked on grime, didn't come off, I have to soak the car next time before applying the water, to soften backed on dirt.  Since I now drive 2 cars on alternate days, I have gotten a bit behind. But again, who cares about my personal stuff, uilding APIs for Modules- Adam Kalsey of WorkHabit sounded much more interesting, but being the advanced track, must be over my head, and since I am blogging, I guess I spent my time getting the power.

Check out the schedule at DrupalCamp08. I am now listening to Dreamweaver & Drupal - XTND.US (Chris Charlton) who is a pretty good organizer for this event and does an amazing job at LADrupal as well, but I must be on the wrong track, as I don't use DreamWeaver anymore, it is a free download, but then you have to pay after 30 days.  I used to use it and it was great, but I am more on Linux lately and perhaps I can now revisit it and setup this XTND.US and play with it, because after hearing someone talk about it, you have to think it is useful, even if you are only half paying attention as you blog. I got to say that after talking to a prominent security guy, I decided to hang out in the front of the Camp to get more of the hall talk, since I don't really do Drupal, and we are a Django shop anyhow.

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