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Friday, September 12, 2008


So I wake up at 6am, it is now dark at that time, fall is here, it feels cold in the morning and at night. I woke up this morning as if I had a 6th sense and right as I sat at the computer get a phone call from the other side of the world, support for our night shift, a very apologetic voice on the other side asks me about some of our recent changes, and I knew the answer, wow, high availability, I just happened to be up, cool. I remember years ago getting that 4am call from somebody clueless as to what area code they were calling me in, geez. This is why Skype is cool, it lets you know if I am really on the computer or forwarded, that is definitely a good feature. But I will have to test if strangers get to use the forward feature, or if you have to be authorized, haven't got a forwarded SPAM call yet, but who knows.

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