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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Olympic medals cool sites

On Friday our CTO showed me these really cool things to put on our product, one of them I sent to my dad as he is a big Olympic buff, but I thought it was a really good way to present information visuallly. This Olympic visualization takes the medal count and shows it as geo-circles. What a great way. So on searching I found an Excel spreadsheet that does the same, it won't open very well on OpenOffice, so really haven't played with it yet :( And I uninstalled 2007 from the other partition on this Dell, grrrr... almost regreted that right away. So there it is my finds of the week.

Today thinking of going to LAMPsig as I need to learn more svn for work and following flight AA263, have a friend landing at 16:30, so may do an airport pickup and as I hear on SCRUM every day, "that will be my day."

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