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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bad net

One of the great things about using VoIP is that you realize how bad your internet connection is very quickly. I have been dropping calls and also have problems on the web. ATT isn't any better then TWC was, so could I get an IP address that was routed through both? I know I can't easily, but could I convince the other company to announce that route, not really, they don't own the IP and I am getting a DHCP issued IP address anyhow.

Lets build our own network for neighborhoods ask for a block of IPs and then be free of these providers. I don't see how this would be free, however my fair city is pulling fiber rightnow and going to offer WiFi soon, I hope.... Can't make any claims about what they will do with it yet. Can we run our own network? We being the general public. Who can you trust with your data? How do you do your banking when your neighbor is the man in the middle and can sniff all your packets? How much privacy do you loose when he sees all your JPEGs? Not that he should be seeing your traffic, but he could if he operates a router you are attached too. So can a tech in the NOC, however they have so much traffic that who cares, they don't have time to see your needle in a haystack.

A pretty compeling articule about FourSquare that made me want to try it out, will do so.

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