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Saturday, August 1, 2009

TA-117 Casio PhoneMate Digital Answering Machine w/ Speakerphone Amazon for sales

It is pretty easy to find my product on Amazon and then give the price and condition and I am done, they charge more then eBay, but listing things is free:

Dear ralferix,

Thank you for listing your product at Your listing will be available for purchase on our site within minutes. However, it may take up to 15 minutes for the listing to appear in your open listings area within Your Seller Account. Please do not re-list the product if you do not see the open listing immediately. Your listing will remain listed until it is purchased or for 60 days, whichever comes first.

Here are the details of your listing:

Product Name: TA-117 Casio PhoneMate Digital Answering Machine w/ Speakerphone

Quantity remaining: 1
Total quantity sold: 0
Buyer's price: $78.00
Amazon commission (if sold): (Standard Shipping) $7.68
Standard Shipping credit (if sold): $4.49
Amazon commission (if sold): (Expedited Shipping) $7.88
Expedited Shipping credit (if sold): $6.49
Condition: Used - Like New
Comments: has all parts, but no box
Listing ID: 0801ENLYPVY

When your listing appears, you will see it linked from the page where sells the same item: will contact you by e-mail as soon as someone buys and pays for your item(s) successfully. This e-mail, commonly referred to as the "Sold - Ship Now!" e-mail, is your indication that we have processed payment from the buyer so you can get your shipment under way. You are expected to ship within two business days. You should also always check for new orders by logging into your seller account at

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