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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hyper Local Blogger

I heard in TWIG that hyper local bloggers put thier own ads in the blog and can make 200k a year, wow, I am sure doing something way wrong as I have Google Ads and am working hard at getting to the first $100 on this blog, together with the other one, they haven't gotten there in over a year, $77.07 doesn't really sound like 200k/year, so I must be not putting enough work into this. I might try covering the city, being a reporter for real local news. I wonder if this would be of interest to someone out there. I certainly read, and he does do that. However I can't imagine that he makes that kind of money. WestLA, pretty sure he doesn't either, but then given that his Skype has gone underground, maybe he is. So I have a great camera here and a town that has pretty good internet, wonder if it is worthwhile to try this. I also have a bit of time learning how to use some of the tools. But then there are so many companies in this new/ad space, it is so crowded, yet it must be lucrative.

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