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Friday, August 21, 2009


Been watching Netflix movies and playing with the friend features as well as sub-accounts. Netflix keeps getting better. The website got me to the conference call, interesting one. I also heard about RedBox there, which is an interesting compeditor, boxes of DVDs without a shopkeeper. Free rentals available, there is one at 100w Imperial, will have to try it. Seems like Netflix is a great value too. They say that 10% of Netflix customers are on BluRay, I am. I also heard from Eric that it costs 5 cents to stream a movie, cool, shipping round trip is over 80 cents. They aren't affected by the recession, 25% growth during this period is great. I can totally see it since I canceled cable for the high costs.

In a related story ThePirateBay is being sold. However there are alternatives. Was watching the OctoMom special on Fox and give the link to the Hulu video to the WikiPedia. It is an interesting case, no wonder she gets so many paparazi. The banter between her and her monther is intersting, her mother being the voice of reason and she being the eternal optimist. Given the media attention, I have no doubt the kids will be able to be take care of themselves, by giving up privacy.

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Christopher Bingham said...

I download movies with limewire Ralf!