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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Used Autos See a Rise in Demand

WSJ says cars are rising in price due to CARS. I am considering selling my '97 Geo Prizm with 61000 miles on it, great car, but parking here is a problem. Haven't listed it yet, however would be interested in seeing what it is worth. Consumer guide gives it a 50/100 which I guess is OK, but never heard of them. Haven't used the car in 3 months very much, have to move it for street cleaning, maybe I don't need it. IAG prices it $1,752 - N/A which isn't attractive to sell, mine is in better shape them most. Maybe I just need to wax and clean it, keep on driving. Been a great car so far. Dealer is selling one for $3,995 169,295 miles, wow, it is even the same color as mine. I guess 4500 would be a great deal if it was a clunker, but it doesn't qualify. What a wasteful program that destroys value by breaking windows. People could have spent that car money on something they really wanted, instead we are taxed and the money gets used to distroy cars, we all pay for that. Yes the car companies will get to live longer, but do then need too? Maybe this is counter productive, maybe if they car companies go away, we would have progress making Tesla's.

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