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Monday, August 24, 2009

After 3 weeks of playing with this Media Center I have to report that it isn't a keeper. I tried to get it working, and it does mostly, but there are still many little details that aren't right and I will wait to the next release to try it again. I do dig the idea of recording off ATSC HDTV on to a HD and watching it all when I have time, however it isn't a great implementation yet. I tried installing MythBuntu as well, but haven't gotten it working yet, seems it does recognize the tuner, cool, but still couldn't easily resize the NTFS partition to make space and ended up installing it on top of the NTFS partition, was fairly easy, but some of the MythTV stuff isn't yet setup, it takes about 2 hours to install/configure MythTV, plus probably another 2 hours of reading before you start. Myth is pretty neat, but it would be nice if it was HP preinstalled and supported. I think they do support it to a certain extent. I will report again when Windows 7 is on this Media Centers.

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