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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Last LAMPsig meeting

I have decided I am at my last LAMPsig meeting today. No WiFi,
Solomon is about the only speaker to the group lately and I really
don't care about computer security or anything computer related as I
used too. I for the first time introduced myself as someone who used
to use computers and is now into childcare, given that I am on the
computer all the time still, and learning all kinds of new things,
because I do want to go back to work in October, I see less value
these days in physically networking with people as I did when I was
new to the area and not as used to SoCal. I am also much more pressed
for time these days, yet today I have been pretty busy blogging :)
Right now only because there is no WiFi :(

The talk is actually interesting though, getting the full Nessus feed
took Solomon 15 min. at the datacenter and seeing all the exploits in
one place is rather interesting. We had a pretty good discussion
afterwards about capture the flag and legal issues.

Spent some time at the Blue Butterfly talking about tech and Havanas
talking with the owner about a friend who is out of tech and not being
able to get in easily. I feel like I am risking the same thing by
spending time with the family, hope I can find a job in October,
really want an IT Dir job at Mattel.

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