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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Follow me, MythTV, COS

So I now follow my own blog, funny, but I wanted to see how this works and maybe not have 0 followers, I can remove myself someday, meanwhile you can follow me on the left, just like on Twitter. Not sure what it gets you, but I am following some blogs myself and decided to see if I got followers.

So I also setup Mythbuntu with a pcHDTV HD-3000 to watch ATSC TV on my computer, well, I have a 42" screen that I want to have a tuner for and a PVR would be great as well. It works, after weeks of tweeking, it works, but is still unwatchable, now I need a faster PC to use this on.

So every time Google does something that encroaches on the Windows turf, people get excited that some major company might finally bring Linux to the desktop, or the netbook. A Google NetBook would serve them well, and we don't need to pay the MS tax to get online :)

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